Latest pictures from Holland October 2005 (fitting of a soft-top)

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21st 2001 October SVA Passed!!

I would like to express my thanks to the following people, without whose help and support I would never have built the car.

My wife, Heather, who put up with me disappearing to the garage, going to kit car shows with me and not complaining about the fact it cost more than 250.

My brother Mike Simonds who sourced the steel and aluminium, cut the steel, skimmed the flywheel, went ooh whenever he saw the car.  He is currently restoring an MG VA from several boxes of bits!!

My mate, John Castell, who did the majority of the welding,  gave advice and would never do it again.

The Locost Car Club and its members.  The various build stories and tips in the club magazines help to inspire me to continue.

Members of the Locost List at Yahoo Groups who helped with answers to problems.

My neighbour John who accompanied me to the second SVA test.

Martin Keenan for his help during the build.

Richard at Lolocost.

Last but not least, Ron Champion, without whom I would have never started in the first place.

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