Hot on the Range (English Edition) por R.D. Jentsch

Titulo del libro: Hot on the Range (English Edition)

Autor: R.D. Jentsch

Número de páginas: 36 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 21, 2008

Editor: BookSurge

Hot on the Range (English Edition) por R.D. Jentsch

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R.D. Jentsch con Hot on the Range (English Edition)

Hot on the Range by new author R.D. Jentsch is easygoing, light, and humorous. Brightly illustrated by David C. Bryant, this book helps teach pre- and beginning reader that like each of us, horses have personalities and in the case of Chester, a painted horse, and Willie, a palomino, out on the Texas range, horses can have a lot of character.
As Willie lies in the shade cool as a cucumber, Chester rolls in the mud and smells a cactus flower in an attempt to find get relief from the Texas sun on an unusually hot summer day only to find that not one of his efforts work. Nan, the resident goat, advises Chester to follow her as she saunters to a soft, cool bed of alfalfa but Chester thinks he has a better idea and when Sunny, another pasture mate heads to the trough, Chester finds he is unable to keep up. As Old Cow sips from the birdbath in the master’s front yard, Chester arrives just in time to miss the water, but is caught as the culprit by the master himself. The thing is, the master is not mad at all and welcomes young Chester with a cold spray of water from the hose, which cools Chester down giving Chester just enough energy to find Willie under the tree and lay beside him in the shade.

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